Our 50th Pig Dinner will be held on October 24th, 2020, with other events held throughout the weekend. See the itinerary for more information.

October 22nd, 2020

Thursday evening

  Welcome event

Significant others welcome

Place and Time to be determined

October 23rd, 2020

Friday evening

  Friday Night Reception

For Fijis, Families, and Friends of Phi Gamma Delta

Place and Time to be determined

October 24th, 2020

Saturday morning

  Ad astra ceremony + model meeting

Place and Time to be determined

Saturday afternoon

  Campus tour

Significant others welcome

Place and Time to be determined

Saturday evening

  50th Pig Dinner

Brothers only
Location: The Westin Edmonton Hotel (10135 100 Street)

Time: Cocktails at 5:00pm, Dinner at 6:00pm

  Dinner for significant others

Place and Time to be determined

October 25th, 2020

Sunday morning

  Family brunch

Place and Time to be determined

Register for 50th Pig

Please fill out the following information to register for our 50th Pig Dinner.

Are you interested in attending any of the following weekend events:

  Thursday welcome event
  Friday night mixer
  Saturday morning ad astra ceremony + model meeting
  Saturday campus tour
  Sunday family brunch

Would your significant other be interested in attending a dinner/mixer or similar function at the same time as Pig Dinner:

  Dinner for significant other

Pay now via PayPal to take advantage of the earlybird price of $85. Price will increase on 3/31/2020.
We will not be accepting cheques.

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Book at The Westin

You can make a reservation at The Westin Edmonton hotel using our group rate for the 50th Pig Dinner Weekend:

Hotel: The Westin Edmonton, for 149 CAD per night

Start Date: Friday, October 23, 2020
End Date: Sunday, October 25, 2020

Last Day to Book: Friday, October 9 2020

See Who's Attending

Curious to know who has already registered for the 50th Pig? Click below to find out.

(1972) David Hancock
(1972) Barry Monteleone
(1975) Norman Eady
(1978) Willie Gruber
(1980) Douglas Bilinski
(1980) Bernhard Brinkmann
(1982) Richard Toogood
(1986) Barry Benkendorf
(1987) Mark Crawford
(1988) Michael Baldwin
(1988) Rob Beeston
(1988) Grant Doyle
(1988) Ashley O'Kurley
(1988) Carl Peters
(1988) Geoffrey (Geoff) Stewart
(1989) Robert Heron
(1992) Landon Leclair
(1993) Robert L'Heureux
(1994) Christopher Feng
(1995) Daniel Buijs
(1995) Jason Chibuk
(2001) Maciej Bukczynski
(2001) John Chibuk
(2001) Mathew Johnson
(2001) Matthew Sparrow
(2001) Chris Tang
(2002) Todd Atkinson
(2003) Peter Buijs
(2005) Daniel Student
(2005) Dave Buijs
(2005) Tristan Patterson
(2005) Michael Lee
(2005) Kenway Yan
(2006) Ian Clarke
(2007) Nolan Kennedy
(2008) Eric Billy Hermanns
(2010) Joe Ylagan
(2011) Braiden Redman
(2013) Andrew Roper
(2013) Yatin Sood
(2015) Thomas Pomerleau
Atkinson, Todd (2002)
Baldwin, Michael (1988)
Beeston, Rob (1988)
Benkendorf, Barry (1986)
Bilinski, Douglas (1980)
Brinkmann, Bernhard (1980)
Buijs, Peter (2003)
Buijs, Daniel (1995)
Buijs, Dave (2005)
Bukczynski, Maciej (2001)
Chibuk, John (2001)
Chibuk, Jason (1995)
Clarke, Ian (2006)
Crawford, Mark (1987)
Doyle, Grant (1988)
Eady, Norman (1975)
Feng, Christopher (1994)
Gruber, Willie (1978)
Hancock, David (1972)
Hermanns, Eric Billy (2008)
Heron, Robert (1989)
Johnson, Mathew (2001)
Kennedy, Nolan (2007)
L'Heureux, Robert (1993)
Leclair, Landon (1992)
Lee, Michael (2005)
Monteleone, Barry (1972)
O'Kurley, Ashley (1988)
Patterson, Tristan (2005)
Peters, Carl (1988)
Pomerleau, Thomas (2015)
Redman, Braiden (2011)
Roper, Andrew (2013)
Sood, Yatin (2013)
Sparrow, Matthew (2001)
Stewart, Geoffrey (Geoff) (1988)
Student, Daniel (2005)
Tang, Chris (2001)
Toogood, Richard (1982)
Yan, Kenway (2005)
Ylagan, Joe (2010)